Oregon Mushroom Onesie

Size Guide

Hey there, little adventurer in the making! Let's kick-start your journey with our super cute Oregon Mushroom Onesie. This isn't just any old onesie, it's a tiny canvas of wonderment, adorned with an adorable mushroom print that whispers tales of Oregon's enchanting forests. Crafted with a sprinkle of magic and attention to detail, it's more than just baby clothing, it's a cozy cocoon that wraps you in the Pacific Northwest's playful spirit.

Whether you're exploring dreamland or bringing smiles to everyone you meet, the Oregon Mushroom Onesie is your ticket to a world of cuteness and charm. So, embrace those giggles, rock those nap times, and let your little presence light up the room like a magical forest in the heart of Oregon.

  • 4.3oz Cotton Soft Washed
  • 100% Cotton
  • Printed in Portland, Oregon
  • Available in Sizes NB - 24M*

*NB - Newborn, 24M - 24 Months